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AVC Salary Sacrifice Scheme


Setting up a car salary sacrifice scheme for your company, partnership, or organization can significantly enhance your employee benefits package, making it more attractive to current and potential employees. AVC offers comprehensive assistance in both setting up and managing these schemes, ensuring they are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and your employees. The process involves altering the terms of an employee's employment contract to include this non-cash benefit, which must be agreed upon by the employee. It's a relatively straightforward way to offer a valuable benefit, but it does require careful consideration to ensure compliance with regulations, such as ensuring employees' earnings do not fall below the National Minimum Wage.


AVC's experience of over 25 years in the field positions it uniquely to navigate the complexities involved in these schemes. They provide end-to-end management, from inception to implementation and ongoing administration, ensuring that both employers and employees maximize the benefits. This includes managing the financial aspects to prevent any deductions from reducing an employee's earnings below the minimum wage threshold. AVC also offers solutions for potential changes in an employee's circumstances and provides early termination insurances to mitigate any financial risks associated with ending the agreement prematurely.


Moreover, AVC's approach to selecting vehicles for the salary sacrifice scheme leans heavily towards zero-emission cars, such as electric vehicles (EVs), due to their low benefit-in-kind rates. This not only enhances the scheme's appeal by offering a sustainable commuting option but also includes comprehensive coverage for maintenance, servicing, and insurance, among other benefits. This holistic package, managed efficiently by AVC, ensures that both employers and employees enjoy a seamless, beneficial, and cost-effective salary sacrifice car scheme.


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