Published 16 June 2024

AVC release a Salary Sacrifice Calculator

Could be one of a kind that actually works.

The AVC vehicle salary sacrifice calculator is an innovative tool that assists employees in assessing the financial implications and benefits of obtaining a vehicle through a salary sacrifice scheme. This personalized calculator includes a user-friendly salary slider, allowing individuals to receive tailored calculations promptly based on their salary, estimated mileage, initial payment, term, and specific vehicle details. Such tailored features and an intuitive interface enable employees to make informed decisions about their vehicle acquisition.

One notable aspect of the AVC calculator is its focus on precision and personalization. Unlike some competitors providing general estimates, AVC ensures as accurate detailed potential savings as possible directly linked to the user's selected vehicle and annual salary. This commitment aims to offer employees realistic and trustworthy information, empowering them to make financially prudent choices aligned with their individual circumstances.

Additionally, the use of advanced technology by AVC guarantees that the tool's calculations reflect real-world saving scenarios. However, considering the complexities of the UK tax system, it is recommended that qualified accountants review the calculations, as the online calculator may not consider factors like pension fund contributions. For a more comprehensive calculation integrating personal income tax details, businesses can request an API version from AVC. By considering a range of variables and providing clear outcomes, the AVC vehicle salary sacrifice calculator emerges as a valuable tool for those exploring salary sacrifice schemes. Whether aiming to lower taxable income or seeking a cost-efficient approach to acquiring a new vehicle, AVC offers precise guidance to facilitate well-informed decisions.

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