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Pre Contract Order

All Vehicle Contracts simplifies the journey to getting your new vehicle, making it a seamless and personalized experience. The initial step in this journey begins with what is known as a pre-contract order. This initial phase is crucial as it establishes the foundation of your agreement, linking your chosen vehicle to the most appropriate financing option.

This could range from business leases and personal leases to contract hire or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance. The flexibility inherent in this process means adjustments can be made as often as necessary. This ensures the vehicle and its specifications are perfectly aligned with your needs before moving forward.

The company places a strong emphasis on privacy and financial integrity. Credit checks are a necessary part of the process, but All Vehicle Contracts approaches this step with the utmost seriousness. These checks are conducted with your explicit consent and are strictly limited to the context of your vehicle financing. This approach not only respects your privacy but also tailors the financial assessment to your specific situation, ensuring a smooth progression to the next steps.

Once you've given your approval and the finance has been secured, All Vehicle Contracts conducts a comprehensive review of your order. This step is vital for double-checking that all details of the agreement are correct and that the terms meet your expectations in terms of suitability and affordability.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that when you proceed, you do so with confidence, knowing that your vehicle and financing plan are precisely what you need. The company's commitment to a smooth, customer-focused process underscores their dedication to providing a service that is as efficient as it is reliable.

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