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Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Contract Vehicle Return Policy

All Vehicle Contracts Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Contract Vehicle Return Policy
  • All Vehicle Contracts is a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and subscribe to the standards recommended by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), which are also widely used as a benchmark in the vehicle industry for all major contract hire and rental companies.

    We set out to generalize what is acceptable and what is unacceptable as follows and as recommended by the BVRLA in relation to contract end vehicle return. Vehicle return terms and conditions will be detailed on the relevant documentation appertaining to yours or your company’s agreement.

    Help and Guidance on Returning Your Vehicle

    When you have entered into a contract hire agreement or personal contract plan, you have a responsibility to return the car to the contract hire provider or finance company in as good a condition as possible, and in a condition that constitutes that of fair wear and tear.

    The car will be inspected at the end of the contract for any items that do not constitute fair wear and tear, and to ensure the vehicle is in an acceptable and legal condition. We set out to outline how you can assess your vehicle in advance, to enable you to prepare the vehicle ready for contract end inspection.

    End of contract vehicle inspection guide.

    It is normal for the agent of a Contract Hire Company, to contact you approximately 3 months before the end of your contract, to arrange inspection and collection. Alternatively, you may call the contract hire company direct from the contact details contained within the driver pack or on the documentation provided by the contract hire company, to agree and confirm inspection arrangements.

    Cherished number plates

    If you have assigned a cherished number plate - this should be removed by the end of the hiring period. It is advisable to allow at least 2 months before the end of the agreement to enable you to complete the relevant paperwork needed to ensure your cherished plate is placed on retention and the number plate issued is returned to the vehicle prior to contract end.

    Removal of non-standard equipment

    Non-standard equipment will need to be removed and replaced with original equipment, any consequential damage arising from the installation of extras must be rectified at your own cost.

    Visible holes in body work

    Visible holes in body work or trim must be repaired to the original standard at your own cost.

    Accident damage

    If the vehicle needs to be repaired at any time, ensure that all general repairs and accident damage repairs are carried out at paint and bodywork shops authorised by the manufacturers main agent, which should be authorized by the relevant contract hire company, as per the terms and conditions of your agreement.


    Worn or damaged tyres should be replaced with the original specification. The load and speed rating should also match and be as per the terms and conditions of your agreement.

    Service and maintenance

    Throughout the contract period, the vehicle would need to be serviced and maintained at the manufacturers authorised repairer in line with manufacturer recommendations, and be as per the terms and conditions of your agreement.

    Carrying out your own assessment

    Prior to carrying out your own assessment, it is advisable to ensure the vehicle is clean, both inside and out, prior to vehicle inspection.

    Standard Equipment

    Vehicles should be returned with all original manufacturer extras including: Satellite navigation discs, CD cartridges, spare wheel, jack etc.


    Both keys should be made available at both inspection and collection. Any missing items will be charged and could prove costly.


    You will need to ensure handbook packs and wallets including service book, and service history, are present; valid MOT (where applicable) complete with repair certificates and invoices should also be made available.

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